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Presented in the form of a spray, the home fragrance allows you to decorate all your rooms with subtle fragrances to create your own universe. Personalize your living spaces according to your wishes. "Senteurs du Sud" offers 12 different flavors.


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Depending on desires and times, measure the intensity of the perfume in a few sprays, always towards the ceiling (never less than 30 cm from textiles or furniture). Thanks to daily use, the fragrance envelops curtains, cushions and carpets in a few days.

The 12 scents of home fragrance:

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in the shade of a mimosa facing the Mediterranean on a sunny January afternoon.

Get drunk on the delicate scent of violet; suave and attractive it flowers and colors your month of February. In the past, we offered our bouquet for Valentine's Day.

Let yourself be carried away by the sparkling and invigorating scent of the citron which scents our Mediterranean gardens in March with a tangy and sweet odor.

Olive wood
Stroll through a sunny olive field that shines with silvery leaves and smell the woody smell of April.

Let yourself be overwhelmed by the captivating scent of the flowering and wooded hills of the May month.

Morello cherry
Relax, lying at the foot of the tree while tasting the morello cherry, rich and sweet fruit of the month of June.

Admire the sunny lavender fields of July in the beautiful region of Provence and let yourself be intoxicated by its delicate fragrance.

Walk along the shore in August and take a deep breath of sea freshness.

Fig tree
Take a walk in the gardens in September, admire its rich and refined fruits. A melancholy scent, the fig tree is synonymous with our childhood.

Vine fruit
Walk through the vineyards in October. Its sun-drenched fruits ripen gently in our beautiful Provence.

Take a walk in the paths of Provence in autumn, you will find the pleasant smell of chestnut, fruity and vanilla which announces winter in November.

Wild honey
Let the comforting scent of wild, sweet and sweet honey take over your winter days in December.