Céline Pariggi allias Wendao is a visual artist who expresses herself through sculpture, painting, the creation of decorative objects and fashion design. As raw materials she uses: metal, wood, clay, paper and fabrics; and uses the techniques of acrylic, oil pastel, felt, collage, Raku, pigmented terracotta, soldering, lost wax casting or even Delft earth; it all depends on the medium and the inspiration of the moment. The recurring themes of his works are movement, body and dance. Sometimes he works in the figurative, but the whole of his artistic expression tends towards semi-abstract metaphysics. Celine currently lives in Toulon. In 2018, she chose a pseudonym and from then on signed Wen-Dao. Words meaning "writing and path" in Chinese. All her works are certified originals.

Painting, sculpture and decorative objects
Atelier Toulon

Articles de WENDAO