Distilleries & Domaines de Provence

Distilleries et Domaines de Provence, founded in 1898, lovingly rewritten recipes for Aperitifs and Alcohols, subtle blends of multiple flavors. Located in Haute Provence, between scrubland and mountains, Distilleries and Domaines de Provence take from the mountain of Lure the ingredients and the know-how that give products that honor the 'made in Provence’.

Pastis Henri Bardouin, flagship product of the distillery, many times awarded, constitutes the top of the range of pastis.

If the Farigoule or the Gentiane de Lure have existed since the origin of the Distillery, other recipes have been developed taking into account the evolution of tastes and consumption patterns. Pastis Henri Bardouin, Absente, Bau, Rinquiquin, Farigoule ... so many names that resonate on the best tables in France but also among the trendiest ‘bartenders’ on the planet.

The team is mobilized to ensure the best possible quality of its productions and strives to guarantee optimal service to customers and consumers. Food security is constantly monitored, innovation always encouraged and working conditions constantly improved.

A perfect combination of tradition and modernity

Atelier Forcalquier

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