The story is original. The ABC Culinaire’s concept comes from the idea of Gilles Stépanian to facilitate the learning of his dyslexic and his dysorthographic child. He imagined a product range where a unique taste discovery correspond to a letter of the alphabet. From 2017, with his partner Claire Lapprand, they developed a full range of gift packages, beautiful to offer and delicious to taste. Since then, the company is successfull!

You will appreciate the elegant package. Each bottle, jar or mill has been specially designed to enhance its product. Then comes the time for gustatory pleasure! Some complement your dishes; other are ready to eat and bring a burst of soul to your aperitifs or brighten up your gourmet breaks! All offer moments of sharing and know how to revive your best memories of holidays in Provence ...

These delicious products have been carefully selected; they are made by a dozen producers, among the best in Provence. To please yourself or to offer a high-end gift with very high emotional added value, do not hesitate to buy an ABC Culinaire box ...

Gift box ABC Culinaire : Only pleasure and elegance