Alain Feret

Alain Féret has worked in Avignon for many years. Color and materials are released, with the exploration of both natural and electric lights, integrated in the form of neon lights or leds; sometimes videos liven up the work. Attached to the symbol and to the free interpretation of abstraction, the artist invites to a real journey of artistic discovery. We recognize a work by Alain Féret by the two symbols that he has adopted: his signature and the circle, the sign of the infinite. If his work is sensitive and poetic, he also represents man, raw, manual, discovering materials such as aluminum, plexiglass ...

Alain Féret's work lifts us up and touches us through the rhythmic light and the delicacy of the colorful notes; it also challenges us by the strength of the industrial materials used.

The artist, born in Nancy, has exhibited all over the world: in Europe, Asia, USA, Hong-Kong, Singapore, Lausanne, Liège, etc. His work is listed in Drouot.

A continuous explosion of colors and lights

Articles de Alain Feret