Laurie Salomon started painting in the 90s. From its beginnings, his works related the beach and the lights of the sea, and highlighted the objects present, like bathing cabins. The small pieces of glass she found on the beach led her to use this material which she very quickly appropriated. She then started to create her first "small glass theaters": small productions, with different plans and elements.
The work on the bottom and on both sides of the glass brings, thanks to the changing lights, drop shadows; even the perception of colors changes during the day. Arrived in Provence, she completed her palette of painter in a solar yellow. “I offer places of peace, dreamed territories in which I project myself. Like the Australian aborigines, I offer a joyful reading of the world. This positive spirit symbolizes the trace that I want to let. "

From the west coast to the southeast, Laurie Salomon takes us into the beauty of everyday life
Atelier VIENS