Craftsman and designer, Mathieu Gillet works in Monteux, in Provence. He conceives and realizes in his workshop pieces of design and jewelry. Passionate in the potential inherent in metals work, he mainly uses copper, brass and steel which he likes to combine with wood, resin or even stone.

Born in Paris in 1991, he graduated in Arts in Ornamental Engraving, from the Boulle school, Paris. He then went to deepen his expertise at the Tokyo School of Fine Arts where he became aware of the Asian philosophy of Wabi-Sabi - which can be translated as "simplicity-alteration". In his practice, he seeks to provoke a feeling of fullness, in face to hand's and time's work.

Mathieu Gillet is Dinandier. Little known craft, the Dinandery consists of making copper, brass, tin or silver pieces by hammering a sheet of metal. The different techniques used are mainly: stamping and shrinking for the shaping of the part, welding, sub-planing and planing for finishing.

The fullness of the object appreciated through the hand and time

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