Born in 2015, ANGEL & MIOSOTTI is a French lifestyle brand that grows in the heart of Provence, near Avignon. Travel, sun, sweetness of life and the visual and colorful influences of the Mediterranean basin inspire its collections. It stands out by offering exclusive and original products of impeccable quality. Attention to detail, perfect cut and beautiful materials constitute the 3 fundamentals of the brand.


ANGEL & MIOSOTTI is the story of a couple, Céline and Michel, who cultivate a passion for creativity. They practice it today in fashion, after having worked for many years for the cinema industry. Indeed, Céline was for ten years head-costume designer and Michel followed a path of director, producer, screenwriter and cameraman…

Angel & Miosotti presents on bags, zipped pockets, toilet bags, storage pockets to liven up your outfits and your daily life.

ANGEL & MIOSOTTI, to liven up your outfits and your daily life


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