Delphine Mariotti has been a ceramist since 1996. After learning the pottery craft, she created the Po'm workshop. Settled in Monteux since 2014, it is here that she likes to work the earth with her hands - mainly red earthenware, also called glazed earth - a material with which she has established a close link. Her creations with colorful decor, lightness and poetry are shaped by the turn or plate, engobed and decorated raw, biscuit 1020 ° and baked again at 1000 °.

She offers on a set of useful and beautiful objects that will give your table a holiday air. Like a watercolorist, Delphine Mariotti plays with the transparency of colors and the grain of the earth. Each of her pieces is unique and reflects the pleasure she had in designing it.

Plates, teapots, trays, cups, salad bowl or pitcher: it's up to you to create the set that suits you!

Atelier Po’m: to make your world sweeter

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