Well-being cushion filled with organic lavender "Lavande"

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Cushion filled with organic lavender

Pretty 'Poem' pattern

The art of living in Provence. These little well-being cushions can be used – in the living room, on a corner of the sofa, in a bedroom, when you travel. A perfect harmony of colors, scent and sweetness.

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Lavender and Well-Being: Our organic lavender-filled cushions can be used as both decorative objects as well as for everyday well-being benefits such as:

  • Helping fight insomnia and encourage restful sleep by placing our small cushion filled with lavender on your pillow for a good night’s rest;

  • Relieving muscle pain and stiffness by placing a small lavender-filled cushion on the affected area, where its suppleness allows it to perfectly adapt to the form of the body for optimal muscle relaxation;

  • Relaxing after a long day by putting a small lavender-filled cushion at the nape of the neck to help relax the spine, which helps soothe the entire body.

  • Inhale, close your eyes, and be transported to the beautiful lavender fields of Provence!

Made of silky cotton satin fabric, the cushion cover features a watercolor design that invites you to revel in and dream of life in Provence with its range of colors, a mix of vibrant hues, and lavender field imagery. The cushion is filled with organic lavender for a soft, supple texture that releases a subtle fragrance to help you relax. Size: 27 cm x 23 cm (10,6 inches x 9 inches) Product details: Watercolor design printed on both outside panels with natural ink on 100% cotton satin fabric. Cushion cover: cotton satin fabric Cushion: 100% cotton fabric in black filled with organic lavender from Provence Net weight of cushion: 300 g (10,5 ounces or 0.7 pounds) Handcrafted in Provence, France Comes with a handmade protective cover.

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Étiquette Organic Label