Les Péquelettes del sol

Three years ago, Muriel and her niece Anne-Laure opened a craft workshop. It's specialized in the creation of decorative objects, with the aim to offer to the Provence's Lovers a symbolic object of this territory.

Thus, they enhance local themes. Their works often combining utility with decorative power. The techniques used are also varied: stencil painting, digital printing, engraving ... All creations have in common motley patterns in the colors of the South which give all their originality to these objects.

Concerned about the environment, Muriel and Anne-Laure buy their raw materials from local companies; even the packaging comes from Provence! “The Flamingo is the first decorative object we have imagined" explains Muriel. “It brings elegance and joy in a contemporary interior.” With leather, they tell the story of a certain sensuality, expressed within a range of high-end belts with original appellations like 'A fleur de peau', 'Cabinet de Curiosité', 'Miami', 'Pieuvre Calypso 'or even' Tropical Forest '…

Les Péquelettes del Sol, all the joy of Provence
Atelier Saint-Pons La Calm

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