Nougats Laurmar

Nougat Laurmar is become to the very strong identity of Provence! For more than twenty years, this family company has been synonymous with taste and shared pleasure. Bruno Delade, Maître Artisan Confiseur, makes nougat from lavender honey and almonds from Provence. This honey is selected for its fruity and tasty taste; the almonds are chosen for their generous flesh and their sweet flavor.
Laurmar Nougats are cooked in a traditional way, in a cauldron, which gives them a delicate texture and retains their fragrance. Young and old alike appreciate this greed – symbol of the charming Region of Provence - at any time of the day.
In addition to its flagship product, ‘Le Nougat Tradition’, Nougats Laurmar offer various fruity and gourmet nougats: salted butter caramel, lavender flower, orange peel, figs or chocolate.
If you’re insure, choose a set of different flavors.

A home-made Nougat, without artificial colouring or preservatives
Atelier Avignon

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