MAISON CASSAR is above all the expression of a ceramic and pottery artist who has been handling and experimenting with clay and enamels for almost ten years. She also invents fleeting, untimely or seasonal collections. SOPHIE CASSAR lives and works in Marseille. The encounter with the earth takes place in 2008. A plunge into the infinite universe of clay and its happy surprises begins a metamorphosis which will lead it from an eventful life in the cinema industry to a contemplative life in its workshop in Marseilles.

She constantly enriches her know-how alongside ceramicists: Étoile Errante, les Arts Minots in Marseille, at Fernando Bautista Valentin's in Nazca, Peru and, in 2016 in Jingdezhen (China). Painting and drawing are, for her, a personal practice and a research laboratory. In 2019, she registered the MAISON CASSAR brand, and offered collections and unique pieces shaped and decorated by hand.

MAISON CASSAR, for a unique daily life!