Calisson cream

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Calisson cream: a spreadable delight!

A calisson cream to enjoy on pancakes or in your yoghurts ...

The Crème de Calissons Léonard Parli is made from scraps of artisanal Calissons dough, lengthened with our fruit candy syrup. 300g glass jar of calisson cream

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Treat yourself with calisson cream!
- Spread pancakes, waffles, bread.
- Put it in cottage cheese, yogurt.
- Eat it with a spoon ...
- Fill it with tart bases and cover it with baked apples or pears.
- Fill it with puff pastry sheets which we then close in a slipper.

Jar of Calisson Cream - 400g
This exquisite sweetness is composed of calisson paste (42% ground almonds with candied melons and candied orange peels), relaxed in candied apricot syrup. Rosé apricots from Provence are preserved by Léonard Parli.

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